“Maintain the best condition with the frequency of fade maintenance on subscription.”


Hello! This is Kakisaka from FRANK’S BARBER!!


Today, I would like to explain the frequency of fade maintenance.


[Please refer to here for fade style]

The fade style, which is cut from 0 millimeters to a gradient, is the most popular style at our store, but since it is cut from a very thin area, it can only be kept in its best condition for one to two weeks. If this period is exceeded, the gradient of the cut part will almost blend, and the style will no longer be a fade. Also, after three to four weeks, the corners become harder, making styling difficult.

So, the recommended frequency for fade maintenance is once every ten days!!



Of course, it is better to come earlier, but cutting every week can be a burden, and for most people, the gradient of the fade remains after a week, so the style is not greatly affected.


If you come for maintenance every 10 days, you can maintain the gradient and an easy styling state three times a month!!

The next recommended cycle for fade maintenance is once every two weeks. For those with relatively soft hair or strong curls, it is possible to maintain the style with a maintenance cycle of once every two weeks since the hair is less likely to stand up.

However, the cost becomes a concern when going for a shorter cycle.

If you come to our store for fade cutting three times a month, it will cost 18,150 yen per month (6,050 yen for each cut).



We recommend the subscription at our store!! If you download our app and purchase tickets from “App Tickets,” you can get unlimited cuts for 11,000 yen per month!!


It is always cheaper to use it twice or more per month!! In addition, craft beer, which is our store’s pride, is free with every cut for subscription members!!

With this subscription, you can have fade maintenance anytime without worrying about the cost!!



[Benefits for Subscription Members]

・You can get a haircut anytime you want. You can get a pinpoint cut, such as only cutting the side or bangs, or reducing the amount of hair, without worrying about the cost.

・You can maintain the best condition. Even for fade cuts, anyone can do weekly maintenance and maintain a clean condition. Also, you can easily prepare for events in the best condition.

・You can enjoy craft beer. We offer carefully selected craft beer imported from the home of IPA, America, for free during haircuts. You can enjoy a refreshing and delicious beer after work, making it the best end to your day.

・Smooth payment Since the payment is automatically withdrawn, you do not need to pay at the store. After the cut is over, you can leave without paying for the additional menu items.


・Get a discount of 3,000 yen per month by using our services once every 2 weeks.

Furthermore, if you use our services 3 times a month, you can save up to 9,000 yen!!

If you frequently get haircuts, this is a great deal, so please take advantage of it!!


[Final thoughts]

How was it?

We wrote about fade maintenance, but if you visit us for fade style haircuts frequently, you can maintain a beautiful look.

The best time to visit is within 10 days, as it becomes more difficult to manage as time goes on.

Whether you are already getting fade style haircuts or want to try it out, we hope this was helpful!


Also, we have staff who can speak English, so please feel free to visit our shop with confidence, even if you are a foreign customer!


Thank you for reading until the end. We look forward to your visit.


You can make a reservation from here.



FRANK’S BARBER Soichiro Kakisaka



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